Who doesn't love to glam up every now and then, even if it's just adding a pair of earnings to an outfit for a coffee morning.

One place we love to buy some sparky treats is Beejou, a small online jewellery shop from Greystones in Wicklow.
Beejou are as passionate about jewellery as we are.  We love their premium and handcrafted collections to add sparkle to your day, that wont break the bank, and we love supporting small businesses!

Their Handcrafted Collection is designed by Beejou and is completely one of a kind. Each piece of jewellery is custom made to suit you. Their product range is 100% unique, you will not find anything else like it.

Their Premium Collection is comprised of specially selected, affordable, high quality jewellery that will not tarnish or cause allergy.

This is a perfect place to buy a little gift, even if it is for ourselves!